DIY Backyard Playhouse Plans

Children's playhouse projects anyone with a saw and hammer can build. Browse, download and start building your child's dream clubhouse today!

Choose From Over 100 Designs in Digital & Physical Form

From small to large, simple to complex and a great assortment of themes and styles, you'll find something to fall in love with.

Save $$$ & Have Fun With the Whole Family!

Remove labor and material makeup costs. Make building your child's play-set a fun family affair!

Physical & Digital Playhouse Plans

1. Download the Plan

Select from over 100 backyard playhouse & playground plans that you can download or have shipped.

You'll find a healthy serving of various themes, sizes, tastes and skill levels to choose from. Plus, access tons of other great children's projects & resources.

2. Ship the Lumber

Each plan's included material & hardware list allows for a direct lumber shipment to your home or business. Many lumber yards will also provide a volume discount if everything is ordered together.

3. Build the Playhouse

Building it yourself provides both a fun, DIY family project and eliminated labor costs, resulting in the most savings possible. Paul's Playhouses is the place to help you and your family build something amazing!

What to See An Example Plan?

Check out this free PDF of the Outpost One playhouse plan to get an idea of what we offer.  This is one of 16 free plans that is available for download.

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