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Free Playhouse Plans

Hunting down quality, facile and especially costless playhouse plans used to be quite a chore, with little to show even after a extensive search.  If you're looking for a basic play set or very simple and straight forward kid's playhouse, you shouldn't have to pay. On the free page, you'll find a full variety of outdoor projects, totaling twelve wooden plans absent of any cost to you.  Most will cost less than $250 to build in raw materials too.  It's my privilege to offer you the ability to build your child something amazing!

If you're looking for a bit more from your kid's project, you can check out some of the attractive clubhouses & town plans as well.  I also hunt down free plans from around the net and post them in my blog for others to find and enjoy.  All in all, enjoy, be that DIYer you always wanted to be and a kid's hero too.

In addition, if you wish to check out what others have posted from all around the web in terms of free playhouses & structures, check out this blog post about the Top 17 Playhouse Plans from around the net, as well as our free loft playhouse!