Screws, Windows & More

It's impossible to start your next DIY playhouse project without the right building materials and hardware. Whether you're looking for windows, bolts or screws, we've got helpful links to provide you with the supplies you need.

Glass Windows

Many of the playhouses featured on this website contain differing sized windows. When you see a design that utilizes windows, the rough openings are for real life shed windows you can purchase. There are 5 different sizes that are used though out all the plans. The kind you will need will be listed on the plans you purchase.

GRK Screws

We recommend that most people use screws over nails as they hold stronger and make it much easier to correct mistakes or take apart lumber if necessary. GRK screws are one of the best brands on the market and are much easier to work with, though cheaper brands should work fine too.

We recommend using 3⅛" screws for normal framing, 2½" screws for decking and balusters, and larger 4" or 6" timber screws for securing larger framing together.

Ground Anchors

For high wind areas, shed ground anchors and joist mounted surface anchors can be used to prevent playhouses and play-sets from moving or blowing over.

Weather Proofing

Many of the designs we offer aren't best suited for traditional roofing applications. Adding a flexible rubber sub-coating before you paint will greatly increase the water resistance of your next project!

Door Hardware

Whether it be for the front door, trap door, opperating shutters or anything else you want to have a hinge, your playhouse will need some type of gate/outdoor door hardware. We recommend using antique stylized hardware to give your playhouse a little more personality.

Tree House Platforms

If you have one or more trees on your property, why not incorporate them into your playhouse design? These tree house platform kits allow you to install an elevated platform that can be used to put your playhouse on top of, or simply have an open deck among the leafs. Also be sure to check out for all of your tree house needs!