Top 5 best selling playhouse plans


Our five top selling playhouse and playset plans from our 160+ total designs. Choose your own favorite and DIY!
Little girl and her cute and pink camper playset

#1: Happy Camper Playset Plan

Stylized after a 1950s hookup trailer, this kid sized camper has truly been our breakout design and an absolute favorite with families everywhere with it’s simple yet adorable presence. We are always getting new photos of the Happy Camper with their proud new owners happily showing it off.  This design also comes in two sizes to accommodate smaller and larger families alike.  With glamour and charm to spare, it's easy to see why this is our best selling plan.  Wiring and plumbing diagrams not included.


  • Two level play-set with a total of 60 ft² (8x10) or 120 ft² (8x15) in usable space
  • Includes instructions to build a rock wall
  • Outside ladder to the 2nd floor
  • 4' (6x10) or 6' (8x15) max interior head room
  • Five 18" x 27" (6x10) or 2' x 3' (8x15) window openings
  • Designed for children aged 3-10
  • 🚗 Vehicle Playset Themed Plan
Wooden playhouse on stilts with swingset and accessories

#2: Playground Playhouse Plan

By far our most popular "Playground" style DIY plan, the Playground Playhouse combines the cozy appeal of the single resident abode with a raised jungle gym and numerous sides to add a multitude of differing accessories and attachments.  This plan also comes in two distinct styles to account for different size yards and budgets.

Features (Deluxe):

  • Two story play-set with a total of 130 ft² in usable play space
  • 35 ft² playhouse w/ gable roof
  • Room for slides, ladders, fire pole and cargo net
  • 12' swing-set attachment
  • Trap door and ladder
  • Instructions for a rock wall and ship ladder
  • 6 total window openings
  • Ladder and trap door lead to the 2nd floor
  • Designed for children aged 3-11
  • 🤸🏼 Playground Playset Themed Plan

#3: Petite Retreat Clubhouse Plan

Our best selling "open" concept playset plan.  The Petite Retreat is designed to reduce lumber costs and labor while still providing plenty of space to add some fun accessories and keep the majority of the elements at bay, allowing for more playtime, rain or shine.  Choose from 3 different sizes and elevations to provide more floor space and more intense attachments.  All three plans provide instructions to build a swing-set attachment arm.  Join the hundreds of other families who have built this DIY playset!


  • 48ft² (6x8), 80ft² (8x10) or 120ft² (10x12) of usable play space
  • Open concept for max play room

  • Gable roof over three walls

  • Integrated front porch
  • 12' wide swing-set attachment
  • Includes ship ladder, rock wall (8x10) & room for a slide

  • Elevated design allows play area underneath

  • 6' 6" (6x8) or 7' 8" (8x10) max interior head room
  • Designed for children aged 3-10
  • 🤸🏼 Playground Playset Themed Plan

#4: Randy's Ranch Playhouse Plan

If you're looking to move away from the traditional playground concept and more toward a classic playhouse design, the Randy's Ranch is a prime choice.  Next to our Cape Cod inspired Damsel playhouse, Randy's Ranch seamlessly bridges the gap between recreation and relaxation with it's large enclosed living space, wrap around porch and elevated conceptualization to allow for slides, firepoles and other fun accessories.  Choose from the standard size or the epic 18x20 expansion design.


  • Two story, elevated playhouse with a total of 264ft² in usable space
  • Wrap around porch allows room to attach many playhouse accessories
  • 8' in maximum head space inside the playhouse portion
  • Includes instructions to build a dutch door, rock wall and ship ladder
  • Designed for children aged 3-12
  • 🏠 Classic Playhouse Themed Plan

#5: Paul's Clubhouse Plan

One of the oldest designs we offer, Paul's Clubhouse goes all the way back to when this website was first launched and has demonstrated itself as being an enduring playset model that has been built and played on many times over.  The only composition on this list to have 3 stories, Paul's Clubhouse plan is made to just be plain fun and simple for kids and adults.


  • Three stories play-set with a total of 168 ft² in usable space
  • Includes instructions to build a rock wall & ship ladder
  • Trap door to the 3rd level
  • Room for ship ladder, slide and rock wall
  • 5' Max interior head room
  • Bottom can be used as a sand box
  • Fire pole exit from the top level
  • 8 window openings
  • Designed for children aged 3-10
  • 🤸🏼 Playground Playset Themed Plan