Our Recommended Tools for Building your Playhouse

Having the right tools for the job is critical. We list the most practical and useful tools to make your playhouse build go as smoothly as possible.

Hand Tool Set

Before you start any type of woodworking project, you need the basics. Even if you're not the most handy person, having the essential hand tools is a must to get by as an adult. This 57 piece kit brings all of the essentials in one place, and while it's not professional grade, it makes for an excellent start into the DIY world.

Drill Combo Kit

If you're starting from scratch, a tool combo kit may be a great idea. If you're using screws for the framing and decking, an impact driver and drill are a must. This kit uses 4.0Ah capacity batteries so they'll last longer both in work time and lifespan.

FatMax Measuring Tape

The Stanley FatMax, and other heavy duty tapes like it, all have a longer standout, or distance you can roll out the tape without it collapsing, allowing for increased working speeds. Having a high quality tape is a luxury you'll never want to give up once you're hooked.

Carpenter's Speed Square

One of the most simple and versatile tools any carpenter should own. Speed squares allow for fast 1Β°-90Β° markings, figuring out rafter pitches and quick short measurements.

Random Orbit Sander

When it comes to reducing splinters and making your work look it's best, you need to do quite a bit of sander. Instead of doing it by hand, let a power orbital do the work. 80 sand paper is recommend for most rough framing cleanup.

7ΒΌ" Circular Saw

You'll need a circular saw if you hope to get any construction done in a reasonable amount of time. This 7ΒΌ" saw is a step above the home owner 6Β½" sizes and will last you the rest of your life if taken care of.