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Whoa, that is one sweet ride young sir.ย  What once could only be enjoyed by well off hobbyists and others obviously cooler than you can now be cherished by the average kid with even the smallest back yard.ย  Although it wouldn't go too far on the raceway, this little 6x9 wooden hot rod playset plan is an instant classic investment you don't want to pass up.

Based around the design of aย 32 Ford Coupe, this detailed backyard car looks great from any angle but shines brightest when you're behind the wheel, that is, if you can fit inside.ย  Perfect for kids aged 3-8 and packed with details, don't be surprised to see cop lights shining in the background.

Don't forget, every nice car needs a garage to keep it safe. Be sure to also check out our otherย vehicular playhouse plans!ย  If you have the basic tools, you can build this.


  • 20 ftยฒ in usable interior play space
  • Designed for ages 3-8
  • Details include head lights, front seats, chopped top styling, driver mirror, fat drag wheels
  • 6.5' wide, 9' deep, 4' 4" tall
  • 27 page, step by step plan

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( 25 ) 5/4โ€ x 6โ€ x 8'
( 13 ) 5/4โ€ x 6โ€ x 10'

( 29 ) 2โ€ x 4โ€ x 8'
( 1 ) 2โ€ x 4โ€ x 10'
( 4 ) 2โ€ x 4โ€ x 12'
( 1 ) 2โ€ x 6โ€ x 8'
( 4 ) 2โ€ x 6โ€ x 10'
( 1 ) 4โ€ x 6โ€ x 10'
( 7 ) 2โ€ x 2โ€ x 3'

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