Top 10 Girl's Playhouse Plans

For anyone boy that has grown up with a sister, you'll discover early on that their tastes in toys, activities and entertainment can be slightly disproportionate to yours. While you are racing and crashing your matchbox collection, she'll take those same cars and make them have a pleasant conversation and possible tea party. Or while you're playing war with your G.I. Joe, she'll make them try on Barbie's dresses. I certainly played my part in incommensurate play time as well. I couldn't tell you the number of times I caused an abrupt and devastating earthquake upon my sister's doll house when playing the part of the sober husband doll lost it's luster.
While there certainly are exceptions, boys and girls have differing tastes in quite a variety of ideas and tastes. Here at, we try not just to meet, but surpass the needs of any child when it comes to playtime. While all our playhouse designs can be enjoyed by any child, some are certainly more catered toward the princess and dress up type of young ladies. The ten plans below are all handpicked from a list of almost 100 blueprints, and are sure to put a smile on any girl's face. Enjoy, and build something amazing!

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# 10: Hillside Homestead


The Hillside Homestead playhouse plan is a picturesque view into what a girl's play home should be. With 5' walls and a little over 100 square feet of inside space, there is plenty of room for her and all her friends to have fun, as well as insuring that she won't outgrow the space too soon. A 2nd floor as well as two small porches also enable slides, fire poles or other fun was to get up and down. It's asymmetrical layout also gives it some character you won't find in off the shelf clubhouse kits.  A great choice for a first time builder!

# 9: Pink Car

Who says that only boys can have cool vehicle play-sets? The Pink Car play-set plan is modeled after a 1960s Volkswagen, giving it a cool classic look anyone with basic tools can build themselves. Detailed and interactive components are what really set this project apart from others, including opening doors, front and rear seats and an area to crawl through in the front and back sides. Ideal for children 2-7 years old, this little wooden car makes for a perfect weekend project between parent and daughter.


# 8: Indoor Castle Plan

Why should outdoor, wooden playhouses get all the fun? With the Indoor Castle plan, you can turn your child's playroom into a medieval, fantasy getaway! A pretty straightforward build that offers kids loads of creative opportunity and imaginative adventure. There is room for four real working shed windows, as well as a majestic front and smaller side entrance. Three levels of battlements and a turret add to the feudal castle atmosphere. A great undertaking for the little princess in your life!



# 7: Humble Abode

The first of the “full sized” conceptions on this list, the Humble Abode playhouse plan offers 150 square feet of interior space over two levels. For those with the yard space and a little bit of carpentry experience under their belt, this Ell folk styled dwelling will make any girl feel special. A front pergola and bay window also add to the overall charm. This plan will be a true delight to build for kids and adults alike.



# 6: Pink Playhouse

You don't have to go crazy to prove that she's your little angel. The Pink Playhouse plan isn't terribly complex, but if you don't have too much yard space and want to keep it simple, you can't go wrong by going pink. Featuring a slopping roof and an alluring, mini-front porch and seven windows, the Pink Playhouse is a great choice for girls aged 3-7. Really an easy design that she'll remember for a long time.



# 5: King Author's Castle


The next step up from the Indoor Castle, King Author's Castle plan looks like it came right out of your child's favorite fairytale. This two level fort features a trap door, battlements, rock climbing wall and defense tower encase of an big brother invasion. Also, in the event that more space is needed, there are three other larger castle designs that can also be downloaded to insure a mighty victory against any foe or sibling!




# 4: Chesapeake Lighthouse


If you and your daughter are looking for something genuinely unique, than look no further than the Chesapeake Lighthouse plan. The big brother to the little lighthouse, here you'll find a more challenging build, but also one that is quite timeless and certainly memorable. Features three levels with the peak of the room reaching 18 feet off the ground. An excellent view from the top is guaranteed! 140 total square feet also allows other siblings and friends to enjoy the vista at the same time. Positively a momentous venture for the whole family.


# 3: Simple Suburbia


One of our most favorite concepts, the Simple Suburbia plan isn't very big or overly complex, but it's just perspiring with charter and it's quaint appearance is full of charm. A small front dormer and rear bay window setup are a few of the cool details you'll receive in this package.  A choice pick when the yard area and budget aren't as grand as the good feelings you're striving for.  Great for those even with a smaller lot, it's a real winner in our books! Expect big grins all around with this one.


# 2: Gifford Manor


If space and luxury is what you're after, Gifford Manor is an ideal candidate. Great for large families, this playhouse covers an astounding 450 square feet of space! Includes a exterior wrap around porch with overhang, 2nd floor balcony and a partial vaulted ceiling on the inside. Plus there is room for a slide and a secret area on the 2nd floor to stash any valuables that need to be hidden from brother bear. Loads of light is also able to penetrate the inside through it's fifteen operating shed windows, as well as four octagonal ones as well. If you have the skill and time, the Gifford Manor playhouse is quite an epic build that'll make you coolest parent of the year, every year for a long time!



# 1: The Wishful Wendy


We've all heard of the classic Wendy house, but here at Paul's Playhouses, we decided to take it up a notch. Designed with some inspiration from my younger sister, the Wishful Wendy playhouse plan takes storybook and day dreaming elements, and combines them into something drafted just for girls who love the ornate and whimsical lifestyle.
Propped up on a skirted deck, the Wishful Wendy has two levels, with a U shaped, wrap around porch on the 1st floor and a front, overhanging balcony on the 2nd. A picket railing in combination with a hip roof and wavy fascia molding add to the artistry. At 280 square feet, it isn't the largest plan we offer, but it is a great compromise between having a more manageable project and still having enough space for young family and friends to feel quite welcome inside as well. Without doubt, the Wishful Wendy is the most ideal girl's playhouse out there.


Bonus: Play Furniture Plan


If you are planning on taking on building your own girl's play home, why not try your hand at building some of the play furniture inside? The Play Furniture pack offers 24 different household items you can build yourself. Perfect for the all out DIY parent!
April 22, 2017 — Paul Gifford