Backyard Play-set Construction Vehicle Plans
Toy Tonka dump truck
I distinctly remember when I was little, my parents had a little plot of the backyard devoted to me and my Tonka construction vehicle toys. I used to spend hours digging, plowing, excavating and moving dirt back and forth between the front load, to the backhoe and into the mining-grade dump truck. I later realized this maneuver was done by my parents to keep me from totally uprooting the entire yard, but in that one space, my trucks and I were king.
With these three backyard, construction vehicle plans, those little toys get blown up to life sized proportions! Why settle for a standard swing set you can purchase from a big box store when, with a little woodworking magic, you'll have not only something totally different than the rest, but make a child's dream a tangible reality.
The dump truck, bulldozer and steamroller plans all have neat little details that really make a pop when you seem them. Exhaust stacks, lights, ladders and wheels you can crawl though all make up the groundwork of engaging play. All part of the total vehicle collection here at Paul's Playhouses, having fun is what we're about!

Construction Dump Truck Play-set Plan

Toy Tonka dump truck Similar to the monster truck, this design was inspired by the huge, ultra class haul trucks used by mining operators to carry up to 400 tons of ore in one go. Many of them had several ladders bolted right to the front grill, and tires that stood 13 feet tall. Needless to say, these are pretty serious construction vehicles, and it now can be right in your backyard!
Despite now being 13', the tires on this play-set still reaches a honorable mention of 6'. 250 square feet of play space is stretched over 2 levels of the cab, dump bed and 1st level bowels. Up front is the driver's cab with their own seat and a wrap around balcony. Exit the back door to enter into the dump bed and proceed to the rear slide or down the trap door to the 1st floor. There are six ways to enter and exit the dump truck, including three ladders and the back slide.
No detail has been overlooked too! Not only are there four huge wheels, but the top of the play-set has a light bar and the dump bed has the pattern of similar trucks in it's class. All together, the Construction Dump Truck Play-set Plan stands head and shoulders over the rest and makes for one rocking and plowing project for the ages!

Big & Burly Bulldozer Play-set Plan

big, backyard bulldozer play-set for kids
I have yet to meet a boy who wouldn't like the idea of a life-sized bulldozer all to themselves. I would have been totally beside myself for a week straight if my younger self had something life this, which is why I absolutely had to design it and provide the blueprints to anyone who would be willing to tackle it! With 250 square feet of play space, there should be enough room to work that sense of demolition out of the system.
The first thing most people see with the Big & Burly is the enormous front blade, ready to push dirt, rocks or anything else that dares get in it's way. Ready to back that up are a set of 16' treads that can be accessed and crawled though on the 1st floor. Making your way up the interior ladder and through the trap door, you'll enter the driver's compartment where you'll get a good look at all the destruction committed. Other cool details include a top light bar, transparent front grill and exhaust stack. Truly not a backyard play-set for the faint at heart.

Road Roller Play-set Plan

Who doesn't love something that's soul purpose is to make things flat as a pancake? The Strapping Steamroller Play-set Plan is here to full that fascination of the journey to the 2nd dimension. Perhaps, next to the anvil and assortment of Acme products, the steamroller made quite a few appearances in my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Whatever your association way be, steamrollers make for great play-sets!
A little smaller and similar than the previous two designs, the Strapping Steamroller still has it's rightful place in captivating residential playground equipment. Just like the bulldozer, both of the rollers can be crawled though, and two step ladders on either side lead to the central cab with enough room for two steering wheels, helping to avoid potential sibling quarrels.
This play-set isn't without little details as well. Duel exhaust stacks, top light bar, front grill and headlights make up the neat ascetics for added realism. 60 square feet make up the total play area. Download the plans and start building today!

Bonus: Track Loader Swing set

I couldn't end this article without mentioning's Track Loader Swing set. If building your own construction vehicle doesn't quite seem too feasible to you, but you still wanted something cool, I highly recommend you look into this unique swing set. Pictures of this design are all over Pinterest and Google for very good reason. The attention to detail is amazing, and I absolutely love the overhanging bucket and tread work!

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March 14, 2017 — Paul Gifford