6 Cool Pirate Ship Plans From Around the Net

Ahoy, me Hearties! Watch out, it's time ter get started on a piratey project, me ship!

For some reason, kids are fascinated by ship playhouses. When you see a playhouse that doesn't consist of the typical four walls and a roof, it's probably going to be a pirate ship. I can't blame them either. Ships typically offer 2 or 3 levels to play on, along with slides, climbing walls, secret compartments and of course, the ship wheel. If building your kid an illegal pirating vessel that in no way can float, you're making a good choice. I've scoured the Internet for serious DIY pirate ship blueprints and compiled them all below.

Surprisingly, there aren't that many websites that offer plans. To expand your options, I've also included companies that will offer you a pre-built project and ones that'll come out and construct them for you as well. We'll of course with the plans that I offer.


 I have two different types of pirate ship plans that you can download. The first is a large ship that comes with three levels and has a footprint of 22' by 7' and widens out to 34' by 11'. The cost to build is around $2,500. The small ship has two levels and will cost around $1,500 to construct.

If you have been around a speed square, circular saw and a miter saw, you'll be able to tackle the larger ship. If you're just getting started with woodworking, I would recommend you pick the smaller one for it's simpler and smaller design. Either way, I know you're kids will have a great time raiding innocent folks for their lore.



Started by a fellow named Steve Chancey back in 2011, Pirateshipplayhouseplans.com was started when Steve couldn't find a website that offered pirate ship plans, so he made the plans himself! A few other playhouses have been added overtime, but as for pirate ships there are two models: Large & Small.

The original, larger sized ship was the first plan to be provided when the site launched. It has a 18' by 8' dimensional body and features three levels, plus a crow's nest and gang plank. The smaller ship has a 10' by 6' dimensional body with two levels and compact design. These clubhouses have proven to be popular and judging by the comments, are well enjoyed by those two have built them.


Derek Hinckley, the owner of pirateplayships.com, started his company after building a pirate ship for his kids and knew he had to share these with the world. Derek will come to your home and construct the entire project for you, but also offers plans to build his large and medium pirateships as well. Prices for the plans start at $250.


Pre-Built Pirate ship Playhouses

Although that is basically it for down-loadable blue prints, you can opt for a fully made pirateship too. Prices very widely for the size and quality you desire. Let's take a look.


This website offers an extraordinary detailed pirateship playhouse no child would ever be able to fully appreciate in their youth. The attention to detail is exquisite and the woodwork is downright impressive. Obviously this much detail wouldn't transverse into a set of plans very well in the slightest. Of course, something this professional looking will come with a professional price tag: $27,000. It's still worth taking a look.


If you're hunting for a bargain and want something small and easy, why not go with this cute cardboard kid's pirateship? Easily the most economical item listed here, there is no hassle with measuring and cutting. Best for younger kids.


If you're in the market for high quality indoor pirate playhouses, you're in luck. Playhousedesigns offers all types of indoor clubhouses, and two fine grade, olden ship play sets kids will love.


Last on the pirate ship playhouse roster are the wooden boats found at woodenplayscapes.com. There are so many great options to pick from, it may be hard to finally settle on just one. There are a total of 10 different types to choose and the prices very greatly, from about $5,000 to $20,000. Many include slides, bridges, cargo netting and more. They are located in Michigan so if you're near by, you're in luck.


When I was younger, I wished I could have some type of cool playhouse or tree house my friends and I could hang out in and do whatever. That never quite came to be, but now with the dawn of the internet, the options to make something like that happen have exploded. There's little reason why you get your kid's off the shore and into their imaginations. So what is stopping you from getting this done?

If you have any questions about the plans I sell, please send me off an email. I do encourage you, if there is an ounce of DIY blood running through your veins, to take up a circular saw and build something for yourself. It's a lot of fun!

Hoist the anchor!


July 16, 2015 — Paul Gifford