Paul's Indoor Playhouse Plan

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For those on a hunt for a simple and economical indoor DIY project for your child, our free indoor playhouse plan is worth a look. This 4x4 footprint design only uses 2x2 material to make up it's minimalist skeletal frame, allowing for the perfect family project that can be finished up in just a few hours without breaking the bank. Overall, it's clean and lightly crooked aesthetic keeps the door open for children's imagination and affinity toward acute play.


  • Fun crooked design
  • 20ft² of usable play space
  • Two door & two window wall layout
  • Designed for ages 2-7
  • 12 page, step by step PDF plan

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  • 4½' Wide
  • 4½' Deep
  • 6' Tall

Framing Details:

  • Walls: 2x2
  • Rafters: 2x2

Roofing Details:

  • 20° & 40° Crooked Gable Roof

Lumber List:

(21) 2” x 2” x 8'

Hardware List:

  • (2 lbs) GRK 3” R4 Screws
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