Classroom Reading Loft Plan

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Classroom lofts have always been a small embodiment of recess, right behind the students with the books, activities and computer lab.ย  While certainly adding serviceability and encouraging the children to be active, they also provide kids the opportunity to discover and be creative with their friends and imaginations.

Our DiY Classroom Reading Loft provides many different sizes and arrangements to fit your needs, no matter what size space you have available.ย  Save the exorbitantย prefab and labor costs and add an extra cool factor to your classroom by downloading this DiY loft plan!ย  Don't forget to also look at our Play Furniture Set Plan as well.


  • Provide your students a fun place to read and play
  • Includes instructions to frame a large loft, small loft, ship ladder, stairs with compartments and alternative arrangements
  • Modular arrangements allow loft to fit almost any sized classroom
  • Compartment stairs accommodates up to 59 slots to store personal and classroom items
  • 64ftยฒ (single large loft) in usable space
  • Designed for ages 2-12
  • 40 page, step by step PDF plan

Plan Category:

๐Ÿ›‹๏ธย Indoor Loft Playset Plans


  • 8' Wide
  • 10' Deep
  • 8' Tall

Framing Details:

  • Joists: 2x6 & 2x8 - 16" O.C.

Lumber List:

(For Large Loft & Stairs โ€“ No Ship Ladder)
Make sure to ask about and take advantage of any volume discount from your local lumber yard!

( 10 ) 2โ€ x 4โ€ x 8'
( 5 ) 2โ€ x 4โ€ x 10'
( 1 ) 2โ€ x 4โ€ x 12'

( 10 ) 2โ€ x 6โ€ x 8'
( 3 ) 2โ€ x 6โ€ x 10'
( 2 ) 2โ€ x 8โ€ x 8'
( 2 ) 2โ€ x 8โ€ x 10'

( 10 ) 4โ€ x 4โ€ x 8'

( 5 ) 1โ€ x 4โ€ x 8'
( 11 ) 1โ€ x 4โ€ x 12'

Plywood / MDF:
( 8 ) ยพ" MDF Sheets

Hardware List:

  • (5 lbs) GRK 3โ€ R4 Screws
  • (10 lbs) GRK 2โ€ R4 Screws
  • (Optional) GRK 4โ€ RSS Screws
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