The playhouse extras page lists many other add-on, supplemental and step by step plans to help you in building a great children's playhouse.

Work Bench Plan

If you're a home owner or just want to get started in being more of a DIY type, this project is a great place to start!

Add a Swing-set to your Playhouse

A step by step guide for constructing and installing a swing-set attachment to your playhouse.  This can also be built standing alone too.

Loft Playhouse Plan

A simple and inexpensive outdoor kid's clubhouse plan that features a loft.  Includes openings for several shed glass windows and a dutch door.

Build an Island Patio

This is a great resource if you want to build your playhouse on-top of a detached deck anywhere in your yard.  Perfect if the terrain on your property isn't flat or ideal to build right on.

Play Furniture Plan

From chairs, tables, cabinets, kitchen appliances to kitchenettes, the play furniture plan offers 24 different projects your can build to add to the playhouse experience.