Cool Outdoor Playhouse Plans for Kids

Over 100 wooden play plans to choose from and tons of other great DIY project resources. Paul's Playhouses provides the necessary tools to help you and your family build something amazing! Download your playhouse blueprints and start framing today!

Cool, DIY Playhouse Plans

 Outdoor and indoor play plans are what we do!  Here, we're packed full of cool designs that'll fit every taste, backyard, skill level and budget that are all presented in a easy to follow PDF plan anyone can follow. was started to give do-it-yourselfers the ability to create truly artisan projects the whole family can be a part of!  You will not find another location that offers children's playhouse blueprints this amazing, this quality & this unique anywhere else.  What better way to have some family bonding than spending it in the backyard creating something that's durable, economic and fun that'll last for years.

Helping you build your child's dream play fort is a real passion here.  If you have basic hand and power tools, have dabbled in a little carpentry in the past, and you're looking for a fun DIY project for the kids, you're sure to find something you can tackle!  But before you start, be sure to look at our 10 things to consider before starting page, to really evaluate where you stand in several areas.

If you'd like to see our selection, just use the above menu to filter the plans by theme.  You can even check out a sample plan to see what our blueprints look like.  We're confident you'll find something you and your child will love to build and play with for years to come, and offer a full 60 day refund if your standards aren't met.  Save $1000s by downloading and building your own DIY project today!  Happy play housing!


"My husband and I built [the Secret Clubhouse] for our two little boys (ages 3 and 5) over the course of three weekends. The instructions were perfect--very detailed and comprehensive. We were easily able to modify the dimensions slightly to fit our needs... Also used T1-11 siding which gave it a nice woodsy-touch once we stained it, added a mailbox and bucket/rope on a pulley which the kids love. It's perfect for our little guys. Absolutely zero complaints about the plan--it was error free and comprehensive. Would use another one of Paul's plans without question."

"Mr. Mike"
“I didn’t realize the full scope of the project until I completed the first few stages of the build. The [monster truck] plans were very detailed and I was confident I could do it. I didn’t accurately imagine how big it was going to be. It’s crazy to look at it today because it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be."

Hayley Stano
“My husband and I looked for the perfect playhouse for our kids, ages 4 and 2, for Christmas," Hayley told Rethink:Rural. "We knew we wanted something different to go with our barn and barn theme, so when we saw Paul's pictures and the playhouse plans, we knew that was 'the one.' My husband wanted to build it so it would have sentimental value. 
Our kids love the [Barn & Silo] playhouse. It is more than I imagined it would be!”